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Looking for a stepping stone?

Now’s not quite the right time to start your own business, but it’s in your future plans and you need help to achieve it.

Starting your own financial advice firm puts all the power in your hands, but you need to be prepared for the challenge. Until you are, it could be worthwhile moving to a network that will offer the guidance you need while ensuring you stay independent.

Arcus Wealth is our own financial advice firm, and part of the wider Corbel Partners network. When you join, you’ll work alongside over 35 fully independent advisers who benefit from compliance, paraplanning, and other business support all under one roof.

And when you’re ready to set up your own business, we’ll work with you to put a plan in place to steer you towards success.

How we help

Submitting paperwork to the FCA

We’ll help you to navigate the maze of FCA authorisation. We’ll complete and submit the paperwork on your behalf, and do all we can to ensure it’s processed efficiently.

Support you on your journey

Although you might be joining us as an individual adviser, we want to ensure you can achieve all your ambitions. So when the time is right, we’ll support you in starting your own firm.

Marketing support

Once you’ve bedded in and moved any existing clients over, it’s probably time to look for new clients. We’ll provide marketing support to help you do that.

Setting up agencies

You need to make sure you have the right agencies set up with key providers. We’ll help you make sure that happens so there are no delays once you’re authorised.

Compliance documents

To make your life easy, we’ll provide you with templates for every document you need. That means you can focus on what’s important, not re-inventing the wheel.

Moving clients over

If you’ve got existing clients, we’ll help you move them over from your previous firm so your income starts as soon as possible after you’ve been authorised.

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You need to know whether we’d be the right fit for you, so don’t just take our word for it. Here's what some of our adviser partners have to say about their experience with us.

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26 April 2024

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