Our new adviser tool is here!

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working tirelessly to build a bespoke adviser tool that provides advisers and their clients with the technology they need to thrive.

We’re so excited to finally present this software to our members who have been integral to the building process. Here’s everything you need to know about our new FinPath technology solution.

The Corbel Partners bespoke adviser tool is a one-of-a-kind hub for advisers and their clients

Launched in April 2024, our new FinPath software is a one-of-a-kind hub that provides IFAs with:

  • Automated CPD logging, meaning you’ll never have to manually keep track of your hours
  • Efficient, comprehensive fact-finding and onboarding
  • In-built Aixigo cashflow modelling software
  • Secure communication with internal departments (such as paraplanning) as well as clients
  • A personalised client-facing portal branded to your business
  • Document storage and signing
  • Vulnerability flagging software, so you can take better care of your clients.

Although the tool is designed primarily for adviser use, you have the option of introducing your clients to this software if you wish. For instance, IFAs can onboard clients and use the integrated Aixigo cashflow modelling software to demonstrate various scenarios to them. You can also use the platform’s secure messaging system as your primary mode of contact with clients.

However, we believe in safeguarding advisers’ independence as a matter of priority. So, we won’t be controlling whether advisers introduce the software to clients or not – if you’d rather maintain contact using email or phone, we trust you to make the right decision for your clients on an individual basis.

Now, let’s explore five key benefits of our new FinPath platform.

5 groundbreaking benefits of the FinPath platform for both advisers and clients

We’ve spent years trying to make pre-made tech work for us. But after much disappointment, we decided to build a bespoke platform that can take our advisers’ businesses to new heights.

Here are five groundbreaking adviser and client benefits of our new FinPath platform.

1. You choose how to use the tool

While building this bespoke platform from scratch, a central component was to protect our members’ independence. We wanted to provide you with a central hub for everything you need, but at the same time, allow you to use the tool as you wish.

That’s why we’ve integrated so many options for our members.

You’re free to use the cost-free Aixigo cashflow planning tool within FinPath, but if you have another provider you prefer, that’s fine too. Your clients are welcome to use the hub as a client portal, but if you’d like to keep things old-school, you don’t have to bring them onto the platform.

This total freedom means you’ve got all the support you need to thrive as an IFA without being pushed into a rigid system that restricts your choices.

2. Your learning is supported by an efficient CPD system

When we talked to our members about the problems they’d like this software to solve, one common piece of feedback we received was that it was hard to keep track of CPD hours.

With so much that goes into serving your clients in the best way possible, we know that completing as much CPD as possible is essential – but keeping track of progress can be a real challenge for busy advisers.

So, we’ve created a simple, automated system that keeps track of the CPD you’re completing. You can log in at any time and see how many hours you have left to complete, saving you ample time throughout the year.

3. Your clients have a secure place to access all their information

If you do decide to introduce our software hub to your clients, you can rest assured that all their information is safely stored in one accessible place.

From investment information to cashflow models, your clients will be able to keep track of their financial plans.

What’s more, they can contact you using our secure messaging system, meaning you can more easily stay in contact with your clients between reviews – and even send them documents to sign in the meantime.

4. You’ll save time and money

It goes without saying that our members can access this new platform completely free of charge.

This means you’ll not only save countless hours on factfinding, onboarding, and CPD logging, but you can also access the integrated systems, including Aixigo cashflow planning, for free.

We understand that today’s environment poses financial challenges to small advice businesses, so we have made our adviser tool entirely cost-effective without compromising on standards.

5. The software will develop alongside our changing profession

The advice profession has changed so much since we started Corbel Partners in 2005, and we don’t expect its progress to slow down any time soon.

By building our own platform from scratch, the ball is in our court; we can update and develop this software alongside our changing profession.

This means that our members will benefit from tech that keeps pace with, and even leads, the next developments in financial advice, rather than constantly playing catch-up with systems that aren’t quite right.

Get in touch to find out how being a member of Corbel Partners could elevate your practice

We are happy to reveal that we’re currently accepting applications from new members.

If you’re an IFA who wants to benefit from our technology proposition, alongside all the other brilliant benefits we offer, get in touch.

Email hello@corbelpartners.co.uk or call 01925 637891.

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This article is for general information only and does not constitute advice.

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