Tracey Plant

Working with Corbel gives me peace of mind as a financial planner, enabling me to spend more time with my clients.

Hi, my name is Tracey Plant. I am the financial planner here at Seraphim Financial Planning, and have worked with the network of Corbel Partners Limited for just over 12 months. I am based down in Cardigan in beautiful West Wales.

My relationship with Corbel Partners is they provide the network support for us here at Seraphim Financial Planning. What that means is they provide us additional support for our compliance, paraplanning and administration. They also help out with the marketing, such as the websites and things like that. But as it is all done in-house, it’s really streamlined and that means we can actually spend time with the clients, which is the part of the job that we all love.

The best thing about working with Corbel Partners is it allows me the autonomy to run Seraphim Financial Planning the way that I would like to, but it also removes all the risks that come with being a one-man-band. So, if anything were to happen, health-wise or holiday-wise, there’s always somebody that can handle the phone calls and make sure that my clients are looked after.

The client is at the centre of what we’re looking to do. So, it allows you to offer truly independent advice, it allows you to concentrate on the best interests of the client, and evolve your business holistically, as opposed to the actual specific targets that may come with some other networks.

The best piece of advice that I’ve been given by Corbel is to have faith when you’re first setting up. If you do your business and you do it the right way, that business will grow. Have faith in what you do and that you do the right thing for your clients.

I would recommend Corbel Partners to other financial advisers. Essentially, they allowed me to stick to my core values and I do believe they’d allow any other adviser to stick to their core values too. To me, that was being truly independent and able to run my business in a holistic manner.

Working with Corbel gives me peace of mind as a financial planner, enabling me to spend more time with my clients.

Tracey Plant

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